Thursday, 8 March 2012

Presents for The Shadow

I ordered saddlebags today. Got them online, which I'm a bit dubious about, but the site is a place in Queensland and they seem pretty good. I had contact with Joe, I think he's the founder, and he was pretty honest and prompt in answering my questions. I'd definitely recommend him at this stage.

I'll tell ya more bout the products as soon as I get them and install them.

I got the plain ones that I've always wanted, I think I've whined before bout all the tassells, studs and fringes ya seem to get with these bags, the plain ones from BibbleBar look stylish. So they come with a permanent bracket but ya can get a lockable/removable one too. The way it works is pretty good, no bits left on your bike when you remove them, and the bags have D rings so you can clip on the included shoulder strap and carry ya bags inside with ease.

I always had an idea I would have to move my indicators to fit saddlebags, and Joe has told me that's the case with these bags for sure, so I had to order a plate to move my blinkers to. You remember that nice number plate holder I liked, yep I got one of those that will take my blinkers as well.

So I'm keen to try to move the blinkers myself and fit the saddlebags. I'm dying to do some tinkering with the baby, but I may just chicken out and get the local Honda guys to do it for me. We'll see when I get the stuff, if it looks hard I'll chicken out for sure :)

So how's the riding going? Well I'm feeling pretty good bout my braking, and cornering feels pretty good most of the time too. I'm becoming more aware of the traffic around me, as a direct consequence of not spending so much of my concentration on those things I'm sure, which has to be a good thing. I really don't wanna be a statistic cause I didn't notice a car that didn't notice me. Still haven't been for a good ride cause of all the foul weather, don't wanna be too far away from home when the heavens open up. So I'm making sure I take a different route to work, and I'm doing little rides around town when I can on the weekends. But the good news is this weekend BOM reckons it's gonna be nice weather, will have to see if I can talk hubby into a trip to Yeoval!!

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