Wednesday, 28 March 2012

When ya Dont Know .. Get Someone Else To Do It For You

Ahh the ongoing saga that is getting saddle bags on my bike. I just know that hubby is gonna just go out an' buy bags and stick them on, job done. For me it has just been one thing after another. Don't get me wrong, I'm not whining ... I'm just aware that it really shouldn't be this hard, is it because I don't really know what I'm doing? Probably and I've always said you learn by your mistakes. I listen to what other people say, and of course you have to sort out the guff from all that, then decide what I think is the best way to go about something.

So the latest thing with the bags, which still aren't on my bike yet, is that I took them to the nice Honda guys and said .. put these here bags on my baby please, they said sure thing. Then I got a phone call at work, 'can ya come down I want you to look at this before I do anything'. OK I went down and had a look. Yep he had a point, it wasn't gonna work the way I thought it would. First of all moving the blinkers to the little bracket would mean putting more holes in the bracket, which he was worried about cause there is more vibration down there and the bracket would be weakened cause of the extra holes. ./nod ... then there was the bags themselves, if we put them on where I planned they wouldn't be bolted to the good solid steel part of the bike with both bolts, he was pretty concerned that the little flimsy bit at the back bolt would eventually crack or snap. ./nod .. OK that all sounds pretty reasonable and I agreed with him bout it, so he thought up another way to do it, he would use the first two bolts on the fender rail that are attached to the nice solid bits of the bike and just use spacers to move them out from the shocks and seat.

Yay my problems were solved, he'd already had to go buy more bolts cause the ones I'd gotten weren't long enough, so now he was just gonna get longer ones again and some spacers. The bolts and spacers would have to be black, cant get em off the shelf in stainless ... I knew that and was aware that it was something I'd have to fix up later when I could find someone to do it for me. Just have to get some bolts and spacers machined by someone who did that stuff ... I have half an idea where I can get that stuff done.

Got up this morning all excited cause I thought I'd have my bike with saddlebags today sometime. So I rang them at lunch time and asked if I could pick up the bike today after work. I got handed over to the boss ... oh no that doesn't sound good :(  He said that his nice mechanic had put the bags on then taken em off again .. his exact words ..'it looks too agricultural'. Hahahah I cracked up at that, but I knew I wouldn't like the look of those bolts so it wasn't fazing me really. He didn't like it and I get the feeling, after chatting to him when I picked up my bike, that he didn't want to let it go outta his shed like that. So the thing is now I have no saddlebags on the bike today, but I have a bike to ride this weekend. And the nice mechanic has put in an order for exactly what he needs to put them on the bike and look good!! They'll be ready next week. So I guess after all this patience and trying to work it out for myself I should have just taken it to him to start with. He seemed to be enjoying the challenge actually, said he'd had to nut it out but now that he knows what he has to do will all be a piece of cake. YAY.

Oh yeah and you know how I always say I love my bike ..... yep tis still true only more. I got on the baby to bring her home today and just wanted to keep going, I'm dying for a ride!!!

And just cause I have it .. here's a pic of Hubby's bike at night ... black on black ...

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