Sunday, 18 March 2012

A Bit Of Bling or It's Not As Easy As They Make It Look

Well I got my saddlebags 'n related stuff from Bibblebars on Friday. T'was a big box, and so exciting!!

Had to do other stuff on Friday arvo and all day Saturday so today was the day for playing with the bikes. They were locked up at a friends house in her garage Friday and Saturday, so the first job of the day was to go get them. We picked them up and took them back to our place, then we had to get back and pick up the car. So I jumped on the back of Terry's bike and off we went, umm have you noticed how small that pillion seat is on his bike? Lucky thing we are already married or Dad would be demanding he make an honest woman outta me after seeing how close we were sitting on that bike. So my arse isn't that big (thank heavens) and it was hanging off the back even with my front plastered all over Terry's back. But it was still fun, much more power, and it just feels different, I'd love to have a ride and get that feeling for real, I get the feeling it's smoother to ride.

So we did that then I got home and made up a shopping list for moving the blinkers down onto the rego plate holder I got from Bibblebars. Then I went shopping wheeeeeee!! Came home with all the stuff and moved the bike into the back yard to give me room to put parts as I pulled the baby apart.

The baby before I started, with the puppy guarding my work area.
I have to pull the rear fender off, remove the blinkers from the fender, rewire it, then attach them to the rego holder on the back of the bike. Easy right? .. nope. First thing is remove the seat ... damn those bolts are tight!! ... got Hubby and a mallet and managed to loosen the bolts and take the seat off. Now we're getting somewhere. OK it's not that hot today, but I'm bald and in direct sunlight, with no shade anywhere in the yard to escape from, after getting the seat off I had to go inside and cool down and rehydrate. So I did something useful while I was resting, pulled all the protective paper off the pretty new rego holder. Fair dinkum that stuff sticks well, so after half an hour I figured I would put that on first, as I would just have to put it on with the fender off anyway before I could relocate the blinkers. Right get the rego plate and label off the bike ... not that hard ... get Terry to undo the lock nut holding the little plastic rego label onto the number plate. While he was doing that I looked at the rego label and realised that it was a sticker, and it was stuck nicely onto the plastic holder ... hmm how hard is it gonna be to get that off in one piece. Easier said than done. Umm yeah pull the plastic thing apart and the rego label has been wet, and it's kinda now dried paper stuck onto a bit of plastic. Yep I got it off with only a small amount of swearing and a razor blade. There's a couple of tears and some bits that are still stuck on the plastic, but it's readable and I think it'll pass.

Well it looks good, now the L Plate stands out even more
Ok so now I just had to bolt it back onto the bike, easy... Ummm the bolts aren't long enough now. So a quick run down to Bunnings and grab some longer bolts ... OK got the rego holder on the bike .. phew it's only taken me three hours to do all this. So now I just have to get the rear fender off, and sit down and do some wiring ... hmmm where's that mallet ... "Hey babe can ya come get these bolts loosened so I can get the fender off"... "Sure," he says "where's the mallet?" Right so the fender bolts just aren't moving. How did I solve this? I connected the battery back up, put the seat back on and snapped a pick of my nice new rego label/plate holder. So next weekend I'm either gonna give it another go or book her into the bike shop and get some brawny bloke to do it all for me. My L Plate stands out so much now, gonna have to get rid of that.

Oh yeah and I don't think I've metioned this lately .. I LOVE MY BIKE :D

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