Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Got My Hair Done

Yep, got my hair done. How is that bike related I hear you ask. Well it's a special hairdo, it's to support the wonderful work done by the Leukaemia Foundation. And it was easy to do ... just a willing person armed with a set of clippers did the job.

Yep I shaved my hair off for the Leukaemia Foundation's World Greatest Shave. Someone at work came into the lunchroom one day a couple of weeks ago and suggested we all dye our hair as a part of the fund raiser, I musta had a funny look on my face cause she said ... 'you don't look so keen Brenda'. Actually I was thinking to myself why the hell not just shave? And I said it. 'I'll shave' I said. The next thing I knew one of the other girls said ... 'well I will too then'. From that moment on it was a done deal.

I've done it before, so it didnt worry me, the great thing is that the other girl who said she'd do it got the courage because I said I would. It felt good to give her that boost, she'd wanted to do this for years apparently. And we have raised a stack of money with our many sponsors ... well done to all of you !!!

So what the hell does this have to do with the bike eh? Absolutely nuthin' ... I just wanted to share and remember something exciting

So to make it more bike like .. here's a pic of two bald babes and the baby bike

Anyways, I guess I'll add a bit of bike stuff ... like how's my riding going? Actually it's great, I told ya I did some pracitce with u-turns and e-stops and u-turns suck, yeah. But the e-stops were a breeze, and if I do say so myself the stopping is just getting pretty good all round now. Braking is no longer the issue it used to be, I use both brakes comfortably now, and putting one foot down isn't a problem anymore cept when I'm stopped for a while, like at lights, then I put both feet down just cause I get tired and a little unsteady. It's amazing what a bit of daily practice will do. Now to work on those u-turns.

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