Monday, 23 September 2013

And then it rained .. so we went to dinner.

The next day was our second day in Broken Hill. The plan had been to go to Silverton this day for a ride and some sight seeing. Well the ride was out for a number of reasons. The itch of my bee sting had been driving me crazy so I'd taken the maximum dose of phenergan the night before .. that stuff makes you drowsy at the best of times .. so while it didn't do anything for the itch that night, eventually I got some sleep cause it knocked me out. I woke up that morning feeling groggy .. dizzy .. and kinda doped up. The redness and swelling was worse but at least the itch was a bit better. No bike riding for me that day. Plus it was raining .. it was insistent rain that didn't let up all day. It was OK we had the car. So after a lovely breakfast at one of the cafes in town we decided to try going to Silverton anyway.

We drove the interesting little road to Silverton and ended up in a sodden red town. It was actually quite uninspiring with the miserable weather. We had a bit of a peek at some of the things as we drove about the tiny ghost town. Well they call it a ghost town but it's got some people in it, the town is rally just about tourism now but in a very understated way. It's got all it's original buildings .. no new houses here!! There are a bunch of galleries, and a museum and a couple of shops which are interesting. This is where the Mad Max Museum is, it was closed. Apparently there's a lot of Mad Max memorabilia in the pub but I didn't find that out til today .. we didn't go in there.

They do like their VW Beetles here ...

Photo taken from the car in the pouring rain .. the couple of galleries that we did look at were interesting, but no photos allowed sorry.

We did get another pic of a painted car tho ..

We went to check out the view from Mundi Mundi lookout, about 2 k's out of Silverton. You really wouldn't know that this spectacular view was here unless someone had told you .. you are driving over a bunch of hills then all of a sudden you top one of those hills and are hit with this!! Even though we couldn't get out of the car to look over the edge of the lookout .. was still worth it.

As we drove back towards Silverton I had to get a pic of the town .. nestled in the red dirt and saltbush.

And then we had to turn around to say hello to this guy .. no fences out here.

And that was Silverton. I was tired and it was miserable, so we went back to the cottage and just chilled for a couple of hours. I found some DVD's and watched a kids movie and half slept on the lounge. Then we had to decide what we were going to do for dinner. Lets go to the Broken Earth Restaurant!

Great idea. Even though it was raining it was still a great place to go.

An amazing building that has all windows facing over the town with a view to die for. As we left the cottage a storm started so we sat and watched the lightening as we waited for our meals to be delivered. We ordered something different for our shared starter.

A mixed plate of Quail, Wallaby, Kangaroo and Crocodile. I've tasted Kangaroo before and like it but none of the others. I liked the Quail, but the Wallaby was smoked and I'm not fond of smoked things, the meat was more tender than the Kangaroo tho, I wonder if the flavour is too gamey and that's why they smoked it. My favourite was the Crocodile .. I know weird but it's wonderful and I'd order it again any day. The rest of the meal was .. sheesh I don't even remember what else we had but it was great food.

But now we were the last people in the place, they were starting to kinda pack up but when we asked if we could get coffee they were more than happy to make us some. We were just sitting there with our coffees when the waitress came and told us the coffees were 'on the house'. Oh that's nice, I wonder why. Before long the manager of the restaurant and the main chef came to ask how our meals where, we told her they were lovely and got chatting.

Oh she rode .. she loves bikes but hasn't ridden in years. She had ridden from Broken Hill to Adelaide, then when she had to move to Queensland she rode there too. She's had some awesome adventures on bikes and we chatted for ages.

So while we couldn't get any pics of the lightening storm around us through the glass, at least we'd got a pic of a new friend we'd made.

It topped off a pretty ordinary day, but then maybe we just needed to relax today anyway. Tomorrow was another day!


  1. Sometimes it is just nice to get a rest and not have a full tourist program to go by. I am sure that your rest and the obviously fabulous dinner improved your condition as well as lifted your spirits.

    1. How right you are Sonja. I was well rested and I think from now on we are going to plan a resting do nothing day on our holidays.

  2. Brenda:

    I'm worried about your bee sting. Rub toothpaste on it

    Relaxing and doing nothing is a good thing. Makes you slow down and enjoy the little things. It gets tiring to be a tourist all the time.

    I liked that blue truck, we don't have that model here

    OH, and I also loved that first photo of your sunset on your prev post. Great colour

    (late reply, I stay away from the computer on the weekends)

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Thanks Bob, stop worrying the bee sting started getting better the next day (post to come soon) and is just a scar now :)

      Ya know I have no idea what model that truck is, I just look at it and say old farm truck with pretty pictures on it. My mission will be to find out now.

      Ta for the kudos on the sunset pic.

      Staying away from the pc on weekends is a good idea, I might try that.

    2. And thanks for your concern Bob, it's very sweet of you :)

    3. Bob the ute is an EK Holden I think.

  3. It sounds like a day of rest was just what you needed. Allergy medicines are the worst for making you drowsy.

    It is nice that you had a good dinner and met a new friend too.

    I've tried alligator once. It was a little chewy. Wonder how different it is from crocodile?

    1. I used to take phenergan to help me sleep when I was shift working so I know the effects it has on me, it was stupid taking so much. But then maybe we both just needed that relaxing day.

      You wouldn't think they would be very different but the crocodile wasn't chewy, maybe it's the way it's cooked, Kangaroo can be very tough but cooked properly it is a wonderful tender meat.

  4. Brenda

    Wow crocodile and wallaby - that sounds like an interesting combination. Great pictures. I am allergic to bees and have a terrible time when I get stung, it itches for weeks with me. Try a baking soda paste and get some Benadryl non-drowsy allergy pills they work well.


    1. I had the non drowsy pills, they didn't seem to help, all I was thinking was that I wanted to sleep. Thanks for the suggestion Dar, it started healing the next day but I'll keep baking soda in mind if it happens again, it would be cool and soothing.

      It was like a taster plate, four separate little dishes on one plate, was a good idea cause if you didn't like something there were other things to try.