Saturday, 28 September 2013

Broken Hill Ride Video

Well here's the edited version of my video of our trip to Broken Hill. I've changed the music to some from you Tube, it's a classical piece which isn't quite as funky as the music I'd originally chosen but I think it suits it anyway.

I originally used three songs, if your interested in listening to some good music then check them out, they were Chasing Pavements by Adele, Cameo Lover by Kimbra and Mr Blue Sky by Lilly Allen. That Lilly Allen song was the one causing issues but it's a great version of the song so if you can find it .. listen to it .. I guarantee you'll like i!

Enjoy the vid :D


  1. Thanks for changing the music, Brenda. The classic piece is a nice contrast to the scenery. What a strange world you're living in. And the vastness even seem to top the endless roads I have encountered in North America.
    And you call five or six cars "traffic"? Ha ha!

  2. Your welcome Sonja :)

    I know it's kinda wonderful in a barren way, some people would have called it boring but I just loved it the serenity of it all to tell the truth.

    Yeah that's traffic, even by Dubbo standards that traffic .. great isn't it!! :D

  3. Great video Brenda. I like the narrative along the bottom so we know what we're looking at. And thank you for changing it so we could see it.

    I like your original choices of music too, but the classical makes it serene and relaxing.

    1. Thanks Brandy :) and you're welcome too.

      Yeah the classical is actually growing on me .. I might play with that a bit, it means that I can use my videos for my blog and I think the classical music fits that kind of long relaxing ride .. twisties on the other hand need something with more omph .. maybe Beethoven :D