Friday, 23 March 2012

About Those Saddlebags

I got home this afternoon determined to get the bolts that I need to put on my saddlebags. To get the right size and thread I needed two of the ones that are so righteously holding my fender on at the moment. So I went straight to the bike, looked at it, told it firmly that I was going to have those bolts if it liked it or not, then took a spanner to it. And the first bolt I tried didnt budge. The second bolt I tried came straight off. Hmm ... tried another then the next one came off too ... right that's all I needed to get the new bolts!!

When I went to the nice man at the bolt shop ... wow that shop has bolts everywhere no kidding ... He went yep I got the one ya need but is it for your bike? .. He knows my bike and he just knew that I would want nice shiny bolts for it .. he only had black. OK wot else could I do? I bought the black bolts and he gave me the name and address for another nice man who could chrome them for me if I wanted.... sheesh of course I want. Well I decided they would do so I could at least get the bags on, then I will see what else I can do about the bolts later.

I got home and took the bike to bits. Even got the fender off with a little muscle power. Then I had to contort my fingers to get the wires undone to get the fender right off the bike. Sat it all on a nice soft blanket in the back yard and set about getting the blinkers of the fender rails. Ummm yep those stupid little bolts weren't moving either, so I was just sitting there looking at my handiwork and waiting for Terry to come get these bolts undone for me when I noticed the new mount for the blinkers. More to the point I noticed the holes in that mount, or the single hole. I was trying to take off a bolt from the existing blinker where there were two holes for each blinker, one for the bolt, one for the wiring. Damn. I need another hole for each blinker in the new mount.

So I put the wiring back together, put the fender back on, with a lot of help from Hubby, putting a fender on is harder than taking it off ... :( Connect the battery back up and test the blinkers to make sure I'd put the wiring back properly, yay that worked. Put the seat back on ..

Tomorrow I'm gonna book the baby in to have the saddlebags put on by someone who has half an idea. I have a feeling they are gonna tell me they need extra holes in the new mount and if they do I'll tell them to do what ever they need to do to just get the damn bags on my bike !!

I have a feeling that I'm gonna also have to get something to cover the holes where the blinkers come out of the fender rails. I'm thinking it could just be some kinda plug thingy, or a false bolt ... ./shrug. I'll let the guys at the bike shop work it out for me, I'm a bit over it now.

So tomorrow I'm gonna drag my husband out for a ride!!

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