Thursday, 15 March 2012

The New Shadow

Yep there's a new bundle of joy!!! His name is ... 'hey babe what's the new shadow's name?!' .... and the response was ... 'hmmm not sure, I don't know him yet'. And so the new shadow will be called, the new shadow for now. Yep Terry got his bike, and he's boootiful. Wanna see him?

He emerged one sunny afternoon from a grassy plain and found a home in our driveway.

I'm sure they will soon be best friends
So I made him go for a ride with me nearly as soon as I got home after work today. And it was fun. I like him in front more than me leading, we tried both ways. Went to his son's place and showed off :D

I rode at night for the first time tonight too, I hate my headlight. It's not strong enough, and it points straight down at the ground. I screwed up a round about too, just when I was thinking I had those things down, I came to one of those teensy little ones tonight, and as I was just going to turn around it I thought I was in third gear and decided that second would be better, as I knocked it into first I realised I was putting it into first. Not good, but I didn't come undone completely, was just messy :( Anyways, it's all part of that learning curve, and riding with Terry was damn exciting. I cant wait til we are touring together !!!

Oh and I love the new shadow's instrument thingy at night!!!

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