Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It Just Seems Like I Should Do Something Today

29th of February ... it just feels like I should do something today, and it's raining too much for me to ride. Tho I'm gonna get on the bike this weekend if it kills me ..

Well I've ridden to work couple days this week, not in the actual rain but on wet roads, it's a whole new experience, not bad and it's good to get the feel of a wet road. At least I didnt get a wet bum, it was like someone likes me, just stopped raining long enough for me to get home yay!!

So I've had some thoughts this week, No. 1 on the list, dont put your gloves on before getting your key outta ya pocket, yeah I did that and struggled with the glove on to get it just cause I couldnt be bothered taking it off again :D

Gonna have to work on that braking a bit, seems that using the back brake as much as I do is not a great idea, to tell the truth I'm having trouble remembering how much I do that, so ride tomorrow is gonna be a long hard look at my braking technique. Other than that I'm feeling pretty good bout my riding round town, yeah I'm taking a different route to work and back each day, just to get different aspects in. It's been great!!

I joined a new forum this week, Shadow Riders Aus, the link is there ...

over there ... ----->

Great looking bunch of peeps, mostly guys but a few gurls, and I've already seen 2 other white shadows exactly the same as mine ... hmm time to get some bling!! One of the bikes is looking damn pretty, I love her saddlebags they have a kinda grey trim I think, might be silver hard to tell in the photo really, but they look great on the white/silver shadow. She also has the louder pipes, got the sound eh ... meh I think I'm just too old, I like the fact that my baby is quiet, I can sneak up on people :P

So I'm looking at saddlebags, and think I might just have to head to Mathews and check out what they can get me this weekend, maybe check out the rear backrest too.

Wonder if I can get something on the back of that, something I'll look into, it looks kinda plain with just a chrome backplate and some bolts. Though I guess a lot of the time I'll have a pack on it, but when I think bout that I wont most of the time, only when I'm travelling. Something to think bout.

These saddlebags I like lots, but they dont have a supplier in Aus and I dunno bout buying from America, I'm just a wary kinda person. But at least I found some without all the tassels ... well I'll check out Mathews catelogues and then bug them for more if I have to, I'm sure they groan when I walk in sometimes .. but I love them :D

Other bits and peices I'd like ... hmm footplates, look cool but I'm not sure how easy they would make riding .. actually I get the feeling it would be like learning all over again, and I havent got the first bit of learning down yet so .. nah.

I did see these in a post on SRA .... I quite like them, and I'm thinking I'll look into this sort of thing in time, not something I ever realised I could get. So maybe get someone who works with metal, I think I know just person, and see if I can get something original. Will have to be in a while tho, I dont think I'd be able to hang the L plate anywhere on that and after all the trouble I had getting it to stick I'm not gonna change it now.

Talking bout the L plate, I'm starting to feel like I could go for my P's sometime soon, have pretty well decided how I'm gonna do that too. In the teensy town I live in ya dont have to do any kinda training, they dont have any available, so ya just go for a ride with an RTA assesor, he walks you ride. Pretty basic .. but I want some kinda feedback, not just you failed cause ... So to do the nearest training I have to ride for bout 2-2.5 hours then do a course then same back home again. I'm gonna do it, they hire bikes which means I could just drive the car there, but I wanna learn on my bike cause it's the bike I'm gonna be riding for the next couple of years. So the options are, hire a bike from them, can then drive the car there and do it in one day, cons: costs more, and dont learn on my bike. Or I could ride my bike, but I think I'd be buggered after just the ride alone and I might even be late, I'm aware that I take longer to get to places on the bike cause there are sometimes when I go slower, if I'm unsure of the road and stuff. So maybe I could stay overnight and go to the course on the second day ... again cost. I'm not sure how I'll do it but I'm feeling confident it's gonna happen soon.

Well that sounded confused .. I'll sit on it for a bit longer and just keep on riding ....

Oh yeah and .. I love my bike!!!

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