Sunday, 26 February 2012

Practice Makes Perfect

Yesterday was Saturday, take it easy day. Did the washing last night so I can have all weekend to do this. Planning for an early start, got lots of riding to get in... got out of bed at 10am. Oh well, coffee, breakky, quick shower and I’ll take off. Hubby wants to do stuff today so just gonna go for a ride round town. So couple of coffee’s, breakky, long shower then another coffee, tis midday already, where’d the day go? Rightio I’m outta here ... seeya babe.

Took off in the direction that the bike wanted to go. It’s headed to work, so at the next T intersection I turn left instead of right. I headed towards the empty roads I learnt on with the idea I would try a u-turn or two. Couldn’t be bothered and a bit scared so I turned right at the roundabout instead, and did a bloody nice job of it! Doing all the right things, looking at the exit of the roundabout rather than the road just ahead of me, slight acceleration going around til that lovely change of direction to exit. So I head up the road with no real ideas of where I’m headed. Turn left at the roundabout then right. Now I at least know where I am kinda, when I see a local pub I got the idea a bit more, tho this is where I often get lost. So right into a street I think is headed back towards town. 

I’ve had to stop a few times by now, and I’m feeling pretty good bout it all. I’ve learnt how to stop using the back brake and can leave my foot up there while I come to a complete stop most times, tho there were a couple times today that I had to put both feet down due to the camber of the road and a general feeling of unsteadiness. Finding myself stopping with just the back brake at times now, dunno if this is a good thing or not, after reading some forums I think it's not too bad, the back brake seems to be the preferred one for low speeds for stability. Cornering too is feeling pretty good, and when it goes perfectly damn ya just gotta grin into the helmet ... I must look like such a idiot with that grin on my head when I’ve just come round a sweet corner, I’m sure the drivers who can see my face are wondering wot the joke is, I don’t care, I’m loving it! 

So it turns out that the road I’m on is one I know, I get to the roundabout that I recognise and think, ‘I’m getting hot’, so I head for the river and a smoko. Left turn, then headed for the river by going right then left. Right again and I’m noticing that I’m doing a few dodgy stops, stop next to the river for a smoko then I’m feeling a bit better. By now I wish I had a drink so I decide to head to the club for some coolness and to win a bit of bike money:)

Right so this calls for some parking eh. I’ve been wondering bout how to park in these stupid angle parks round here so I decide to give it a go, not to mention I don’t wanna go into their carpark, way too much slow manoeuvring in there. So I pick a park next to a tree and go for it. Right I’m off by a bit, but I decide it will do cause I’m bloody hot and thirsty by now. 

I got rid of all the riding gear, and as I entered the club I realised I didn’t have the right purse with me, sheesh no money, no cards, no drink :( So I send Terry a text and ask him to lunch, my shout if he brings my purse with him .... wheeeeee much better idea!!!

I knew it would take him a while to get there so I went for a bit of a quick blocky and tried to find a park near the cafe .... umm only one with heaps of room for my noob manoeuvring was next to a disabled one, with gravel. Right I decided I can do it!! Yeah ok I was over in the disabled park but I did it without dropping the bike so meh, I was happy and headed into the cafe. First thing I did was ask for water!!! ... Told the girl I was waiting for my hubby then sat down and read netrider for a bit while I waited. The first post I came across for some reason was one posted a while back telling riders to be aware of the risks of dehydration. I was kinda spooked by that. Anyways, I had a nice lunch then headed back onto the bike. 

Needed smokes so I headed to a service station. Pull up in the petrol station feeling pretty damn proud of myself cause I’ve managed to swerve round the bit of metal they had considerately left in the middle of the driveway and park with a bit of class instead of the arse I normally use. Two young guys with cowboy hats in a farm truck watched me pull up and I bet they were disappointed when I took my helmet off and I was a 40yo woman, instead of the 20yo chick they were picturing :P 

Managed to embarrass myself when I pulled out of the servo when I let the bike rest in the groove where there was a drainage grate across the driveway while I waited for the traffic and adjusted my glasses. I always have to do that just after I put my helmet on, it’s like they sit properly til I start moving then they move to the most uncomfortable position as soon as I can't adjust them. Well I had to rev the bike to get it out of that groove so I took off kinda fast and I’m sure I looked like a dick. Meh.

Did the angle park at the club and I think I have this thing worked out, now to just practice so I can do it right every time.

Riding home, I feel pretty crappy cause I lost me money, but feel pretty great cause my ride has been good today. Feels like I’m finally starting to getting the hang of this.

Was gonna go to Yeoval for a nice long ride today (Sunday) but the weather beat me, maybe next weekend when I have three days off I'll find a day to do it. I'm hanging for a decent ride tho I do know I need to get other skills up to scratch that riding round town gives me. Need more slow riding skills, u-turns and just moving the bike round slowly. I ride to work most days still, but I think I might supplement that with going for a little spin round the place on the way to or from work too.
Oh yeah and .. I love my bike.

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