Saturday, 18 February 2012

If It's Comfortable In The Shop ... It's Probably Going To Suck On The Bike

Went for a little ride today, along a sweet little road that takes you to Eumungerie via Mogriguy. Was a lovely little road, even better than the highway I took to get home on. Even so I just wanted to get home once I'd been riding for ten minutes. Why? Because I bought new gloves last week, they have been a drama since the very first.

First of all I tried them on in the shop, X-Small it said on the packet, so I put one on and went, sheesh it's roomy. Talked to the nice young salesman about that and he said well they're not huge on you are they, I said well not really I guess. They felt damn big and clunky and I was wondering how I was going to get a grip on anything with them on, but I figured they were the smallest I could get so I would have to just work it out. I needed new gloves because the ones I had feel too small and hurt my thumbs after a while.

I got home and proudly pulled them outta the packet to show hubby .... 'Look new gloves!' I yelled and put them on. The one I put on in the shop went on first, then the left one, it felt tight ... huh? Ok I thought, maybe the other one is stretched from being tried on by various people in the shop. I took them off and sat down to do something else, oh I think it was looking at reviews of them online, shoulda done that first I guess but I didn't find anything anyway .../shrug. Then I looked over at them sitting on the table next to me and a label caught my eye, 'Ladies Lrg', it said ... huh? Right so now I figured out that I had bought a pair of gloves that contained a large and an x-small ... sheesh.

Shop was by now closed, so wait till Monday and take them back for a matching pair, in my wisdom I decided to try on a pair of small. Which I did, and they seemed pretty comfy in the shop. Then I wore them today. Ugh they were too big, they slide off my hand as I'm riding and bunch up under my palm. My hand was really hurting by the time I got home and it was only bout an hour ride. Well I've decided that if it fits in the shop then it's probably not going to fit when I get on the bike. Take my shoes, in the shop they felt too big, way too big. On the bike they're the best fitting I think I'll get. So I guess I'll have to wear my old ones again until I can afford to go get more gloves. I wish you could take this stuff for a test ride before you buy it.

Oh yeah and while I'm on the subject of comfort ... another hint I wish someone had told me before I did it ... Don't wear tight jeans! ... no kidding they look great when ya wondering round the streets, but they get damn painful after a while perched on a motorcycle seat.

Besides that the ride today was nice. Cornering is getting better, and even braking is working itself out, I really think the shoes help me there. I've been riding to work as well most of the week, all this practice is paying off I think.

Oh yeah and I LOVE MY BIKE !!!

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