Saturday, 4 February 2012

Finally Its Stopped Raining

Worked this morning and t’was very overcast when I left for work, so no bike today :(
But wait by the time I got home it was hot !!! So I had a little sleep cause they make me get up early for work, then decided to take the dog for a walk by the river .... and wheeeeeee take the bike for a ride. I had the little twisty bit of downhill road to get to the parking spot at the river and a U-Turn at the end, was nervous bout the U-Turn but didn’t have an issue with it, though when I got to the curb to park I kinda over balanced and it started to go over, excitement plus ...  I didn’t let it fall. Yay another day I didn’t drop the bike.
Used my new helmet, now that was interesting. Not being used to full face helmets, made it all a new experience for me. I like it. I felt as though I couldn’t breathe when I tried it on the first couple of times, cause I’m not used to having something in front of my mouth like that. When I got it on, it made me feel like I had to hold my breath, so I did at first then worked it out. Got on the road and wow, the noise is different with it on, not so noisy but you can still hear stuff. The vents don’t seem to do a lot except add a bit more noise, but it wasn’t hot in it anyway. Moving the visor up and down while moving was easy peasy, not awkward like I thought it might be. Oh yeah and the cheek pads ... well Ok I’m sure they do a job but the thing they seem intent on doing is raising my cheekbones bout 3 inches. Made me do fish faces and by the time I got home I was chewing my cheeks. I’ll get used to that, and I’m hoping it will ease and soften as the helmet gets used, oh and the chin strap... feels more like a hangman’s noose atm, that has to be from the way it was packed in the box, I can kinda move them forward so they aren’t strangling me for a while but they work their way back again after a bit, gotta train them, the buggers, wonder if they will respond to a reward system.

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