Friday, 3 February 2012

Just Doing Stuff

Well I'd planned to ride to work all last week. Of course it rained all week.  It's been raining forever, I'm dying to go for a ride. The saddle bags didn't fit, oh well I guess I'll have to work out a plan B.

I would have liked leather ones, but they are all so poxy, tassells and stuff all over them, why do they think everyone who rides a cruiser is some kind of country bunkin who like tassells? The other thing is the Honda saddlebags for my shadow look small. I guess it's time to reveal why I want big saddlebags, or luggage at all. My big plan!!

We have a trip to Queensland planned, and we want to ride the bikes. Yep that's what I said bikes, plural. Terry has plans too. When I got my bike there was a gorgeous VT750S, it's a shadow but without all the fancy stuff, not as much chrome, no big fancy fenders, lower handlebars and old fashioned chain driven. It has the most classic cruiser look. We're working on that and I cant wait til we go for actual rides together instead of him driving the car and me on the bike.

Terry's dream bike
I got myself a new helmet. I had to order it in because they didnt have it in small, but it's pretty and after a bit research I thought it looked like it was going to be good enough quality to last me a while.

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