Sunday, 22 January 2012

A Little Trip

Been riding the bike more, oh wow I love her. So I planed a little trip to a place called Toongi. There are so many places I could go to, just need to find the time.

I followed Terry, he was driving the car with Gizmo, the amazing puppy, along for company. Went off past the zoo and just cruised. I still find anything over 70km/h a challenge. That wind is still trying to tear bits off me and it just feels so fast.

Turned off Obley Rd to Toongi Rd then Terry went straight onto The Springs Rd and stopped, OK I could have turned round back at the intersection but not where he stopped, there was bees! Terry was looking for a hall that was not there, the amazing invisible hall of Toongi ... should be famous. I moved on to find a place to turn round.....he reckons I went miles to find a place, but damn it was a narrow road!! Turned around at a cross road and I’m on me way home. Yes I did a U-Turn, first time since all the stupidity with dropping bikes. I'm feeling pretty damn proud of myself at the moment.
Things I have learnt to hate, Causeways, horrible bumpy bastards of things, I leave the seat with every single one of them. Things I have learnt to make me look less like an idiot, don’t try to wave at other bikers with me right hand while taking off at a roundabout :P Did 69.1 km and only one bug down the back of my jacket. Now when it starts crawling down the top of your jeans you just start getting a bit panicky, had to stop to have a dig for it.

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