Sunday, 17 June 2012

Roxette loves closeups

Unlike me, my baby bike is made for closeups, they do her justice!

The Shadow Riders Australia forum guys have been running a competition every month for the last few months, and this months competition was interesting. You have to take a photo of a part of your bike that is a closeup and hard to tell what the photo is actually of. I love those kinds of photos!!

So I had a go. Armed with my trusty point and click camera I went out to Roxy this morning and clicked away. It only took me a half hour or so to work out the manual focus and macro settings then she shined!

I could only enter one photo into the competition but there were a few that I quite liked. Some of them aren't really difficult to work out, but then some of them I think might be if you didn't ride bikes. There were two that Terry couldn't work out so I decided to choose between them.

Anyway's I thought I'd post it up here along with the ones that didn't make the cut, just cause I likes them so much. This might be something I'll play with a bit more.

And I discovered the joys of trying to shoot closeups on a shiny chrome filled bike ...


  1. Now those are really cool and creative. I like the last one with your reflection too.

    I think Max might have too much plastic for me to try that, but try I just might.

    Good luck with the photo competition.

    1. Thanks Brandy :)

      You know I was wishing there was less chrome and more plastic bits to photograph cause of the reflections, but yeah they are kinda cool. The 7th photo (which is the inside of my disc brake) has 6 complete reflections in it and the color of the whole shot is actually a reflection of the hot pink top I was wearing, I thought it turned out fantastic and that's the one I've entered in the comp.

      Have a go Brandy, I can think of a heap of things on Max that would look awsome in closeup.

    2. Brenda:

      what a neat idea for photos. You are so artisitic

      I had trouble figuring out a few of them

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    3. Thanks Bob :)

      Have a go, I'm not that artistic, I reckon you could come up with some cool shots!!