Thursday, 14 June 2012

Found something to do ...

Or something to do found me... I woke up this morning to Gizmo the amazing Staffy barking in my ear. That's not normal, she usually doesn't bark much, only if something spooks her or there's someone in our yard. Terry came in not long after and said, come see what Giz is barking at.

Terry first found him laying half under Roxy's cover, he thinks he may have slept under that last night. So we now have a bundle of joy to look after until we find his people. He's just gorgeous but wow he's noisy and he has sharp little teeth and claws ... and he just goes and goes !!

Gizmo isn't too keen either, I'm ashamed to say Giz hasn't been socialised very well, and she's a bit naughty with other dogs at times .. and she's so much bigger than this puppy. So after an initial introduction that started with tail wagging til the puppy got too energetic and ended with Giz looking like she was going to enjoy a snack, we've kept them separated. Poor Giz has been banished to outside while the puppy has had the run of the house. And our undivided attention.

Gizmo has had to watch at the back window while the puppy first took our attention, then after tiring himself out with one of her toys, taken a bit of a nap on her bed. Then when he was taken outside for toilets, Gizmo was brought inside and watched at the back window again as the puppy chewed on one of her bones .. even though the bone was nearly twice his size!!

He's needed watching, looking for tell tail signs that toileting is imminent, (I've missed that a couple of times and the puppy cleaning stuff was duly found in the cupboard where it's been since Giz got house trained) not to mention watching what goes in his mouth. A couple of Gizmo's smaller bits of bones have been removed from that mouth, but pretty well everything he sees seems to be potential food. Terry's amazed at his appetite, Giz has never been a food orientated dog, not even when she was a puppy, so Terry had never seen how voracious a puppy's appetite can be.

Gizmo's first day home

Her head was the only thing that had any substance
Gizmo was a rescued puppy, way back when she was only about 6 weeks old, or maybe less, we saved her. She was the last mongrel pup of a working farm dog and the owners weren't really that interested in finding homes for the pups, just wanted to get rid of them so the bitch could go back to work. When I heard about Giz she was going to be drowned the next day if a home wasn't found for her, of course she came home with me. She has always been a bundle of joy but I guess we didn't realise how good and gentle she really is. This puppy is really showing us the joys of puppy ownership!!!

Tonight we've changed the tables and after feeding both of them and toileting the puppy, Giz is inside (it's too cold out there at night in winter and we are softees) and the puppy is asleep in a puppy proofed laundry. There's been no noises from him since he went in so I think this may have been a normal thing for him, either that or he's found a way to destoy the things I thought I'd put out of his reach. Gizmo has finally settled down.

Anyway the posters have gone up all over the neighbourhood, and we've put an announcement on the local radio to find his people. I'm afraid though if we don't hear from someone soon we will just have to take him to the RSPCA in the hopes that they can either find his original people or some new ones for him.

As cute as he is, and he is kinda intelligent and I reckon he'd train pretty easily, he's also such a handful!! I don't think either me or Terry could go through the puppy training thing again, specially as Gizmo seems so keen to kill him with kindness one minute and have him for dinner the next.


  1. Replies
    1. Yeah he is .. but sheesh he's a handful :-D

      Amazingly willing to do anything for treats too .. he's already sitting, dropping and rolling over sometimes. He just wont come when you call him, would help if we knew his name though I guess. I do know his name isnt Oi, heyyou or Rufus.

  2. Ahhh puppy love. I hope you are able to find his owners. Hopefully no one just dumped him off irresponsibly in your neighborhood. Maybe his appetite is due to going hungry for a day or two and he doesn't know when his next meal is coming.

    Good luck with the little cutie.

    You said you were looking for something to do, is this another case of 'be careful what you wish for'?

    1. I was being careful what I wished for .. I thought ..

      I dont think he's been dumped, he's too well looked after, his coat is shiny, he's not undernourished, and he's not afraid of people. All the things Giz was when she came to us. Plus he's half trained, sitting, half house trained, sometimes he forgets. So we think he's been looked after and loved, he's so lovable, he just bites :(

      We're thinking if we dont get a response by this afternoon we'll take him to the RSPCA, they can check if he has a micro chip so they may find his owners. My main concern is that the area just behind us is not the nicest area in town, with a lot of unemployment, I really dont think many dog owners around here can even afford to have them micro chipped if they even thought of it.

  3. Ah! We rescued a puppy from the SPCA 14 years ago, she is an amazing little doggis!

    Poor Giz! Must be hard having an 'interloper' in your territory. Hope the puppy people come and find this wee little darlin'.

    1. Thanks Dar I hope so too. Poor Giz was frantic for a while last night just knowing there was a puppy in the laundry, I dont know how much longer I can make her go throught this.

  4. Brenda:

    we used to have two dogs, but they are gone now. I can't bear to get another one as it would infringe upon our freedom to leave on a moments notice. Hope you find the owner soon

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    1. Thanks Bob, so do we.

      i know what you mean about the infingement on your freedom, we're lucky that we have found a puppysitter, but it does take notice to get her, so we cant just take off like we'd like to sometimes.

  5. Well the puppy has gone to the RSPCA and hopefully they have already found his people.

    He had to, I was getting too attached. And I knew we couldnt keep him even if his people arent found cause Giz would have eaten him.

    So now our house is back to normality, almost, Giz can still smell him, she does laps sometimes checking if he's still here. And she wont play with one of her toys anymore, it was one he particularly liked. Poor giz :(