Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bikers in Boats

Sunday .. a day for relaxing. Lucky it was, I woke up that morning feeling pretty bad. Tired mainly but there was a short ride planned for today as well, I talked to Terry that morning and we decided that it probably wouldn't be a good idea for me to lead the ride that day. Don't get me wrong I loved leading the ride the day before, and I was keen for more riding but I just didn't think I could concentrate enough to do more than just getting from A to B that day. Terry suggested I talk to Rusty about it at breakfast.

But before the ride I had planned a bit of a diversion for the guys. Boating Dubbo Style. As I've mentioned in another post, I organised to take the Shadow Riders in a Dragon Boat with the help of the Outback Dragons.

We all arrived at the River beside the big orange container that holds the boats. Photo op!!

The girls were there ready for us to fill in the necessary paperwork

and give us some much needed training before we headed down to the water. Here's how you paddle ....

No not that kind of paddling!!! Like this guys ...

That's Suzy at the side keeping a close eye on us, she was a great leader who sat at the front of the boat and kept us all in line. Well as much as anyone could!

Right so now all we need is a boat and some water.

The boat had to be taken on it's trailer to the water first and the boat crew did that while the Shadow Riders got together for a team photo ...

There are two people missing from this photo, I don't know where they were but I guess they were off playing round somewhere close by cause they were definitely in the boat.
Terry had already agreed to hang out with the bikes during the paddle even though it meant he would to miss out on some fun. He didn't mind as he was going on the next adventure, Terry had by now decided to lead the next ride, yay!! So cause Terry was taking all the photos today I didn't get any photos of the boat on the water, Pete has kindly given me some photos to post, the next few pics are all his .. thanks Pete :)

First of all we had to find the water ...

Water found and people loaded .. lets get this show on the road.

The guy up the back (who's name I have forgotten) was absolutely fantastic with us. He gave us the nickname 'boofheads' and I have to say coming from him it didn't sting at all .. we were the team to beat!!

We made our way down the river, with direction from Susy and the guy at the back steering and telling us what to do.

We made our leisurely way down the calm river while the rest of the Riders hung out on the beach waiting for us...

By the time we got to the turn round point, I don't know bout anyone else, but I was starting to feel a tinge of pain ... now we just had to get back up to the beach .. against the current .. oooh.

The boat crew then took it in turns with the Shadow Riders to take us back home ... first the Outback Dragons paddled for 20 strokes .. 1.. 2... 3... ... 10... 9...8... then the 'boofheads' had a go ... 1...2...3... ... 10... 9... 8... hmmm lets see who is the best team. Outback Dragons .... paddle like a close nit team that has wins under their belt ... now the Shadow Riders ... paddle like there's no tomorrow .. we will win this thing! Wow that was close, don't know who the winner is, lets do it again!! Outback Dragons .. go!! 'Boofheads' .... wheeee we will win!!!

As we were paddling I was being given instruction from the Outback dragon crew member sitting behind me, and those instructions were passed up the line, so when I told MRC in front of me to keep his elbow in the boat when we aren't paddling I really brought home the message on the next stretch of paddling .. ouch I reckon he's gonna have a bruise.

I dunno who won, all I know is I was puffed by the time we got to the beach, actually we got to the beach a lot sooner than any of us thought we would, and as I stumbled out of the boat the crew from Outback Dragons complemented the whole lot of us on such a good job, we were the best group they had ever had along and would welcome us back for another paddle any day. Well done SRA!!

And no one got wet .. well 'cept the one person who fell out of the boat when we were getting out on the beach, but she's a pro at falling I reckon, she just kinda did a roll and was back on her feet before we even knew it!

I think this photo says it all ... we had ball!!

Now we had to help get the boat back up the hill ...

Not a problem, the SRA guys are always ready to help :)

The next thing on the agenda was the short ride before lunch with Terry leading. More about that in the next post.


  1. What a fun crowd! You hang with spirited friends.

    1. They are fun !!! I wish I could hang with them more, but unfortunately I'll have to wit til next year. At least next year our get together is in Victoria, it means we'll get to ride!

  2. I dunno if it is just me, but I am thinking after all that paddling my arms would feel like spaghetti, hard to ride a motorcycle.

    I think you did such a great job setting this up for the riders. It looks like everyone had a great time.

    1. It actually didn't affect your arms so much, one shoulder though was sore for a couple of days afterwards, only one.

      Thanks Brandy, everyone did have a great time, they are still talking bout it on the forums :)

  3. That looked like a lot fun. I especially liked the two pictures of the "correct way to paddle" before and after!

    I think all that motorcycling makes your arms stronger and a perfect warm-up activity for dragon boating!

    1. Haha, I like those pics too ... I think bike riding is the perfect warm up for a lot of activities .. drinking coffee comes to mind :-D

  4. Wohooh! The next best thing to motorcycling is paddling. It's so nice to see warm and sunny places this time of the year. Spring is lurking around somewhere here on the Wet Coast but very shy this year.

    1. I reckon you dont have long til you're out and about again Sonja. The weather for the weekend was perfect (I ordered perfect weather) and ya know it drizzled rainy for the rest of the following week.

  5. It certainly looks like everyone is enjoying themselves. It looks like a lot of hard work, I think I'd prefer a nice relaxing paddle along the river.

    1. As much fun as it was Steve, I dont think I'll take it up as a hobby. A leisurely ride to the river then paddle my feet along the river edge is actually more my speed too :)