Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A Weekend With SRA

Well as much of the weekend as possible anyway. Well one day of the weekend actually. But it was the important day, and we did get to go for a ride with them. Saturday was just a short ride to a place called Harrietville, about 20 mins down the road from Bright.

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We were to line all our bikes up along a back road at the camping grounds in the morning for a photo shoot.

We didn't have far to take our bikes, that's our cabin in the background. Terry was one of the first bikes there.

And my bike wasn't too far behind him, but things were already starting to get untidy.

Then another line up started ...

Still it was an impressive looking group of bikes .. who would've thought there were that many variations on the same model of bike eh. Have to admit that some of them aren't technically 'Shadows', but that was one of the main topics of the day.

The whole reason we were going for a ride that day was to get the meeting place for the AGM (Annual General Meeting). So then we rode ...

This video just doesn't seem that great to me, but anyway it shows some of the great country side. The 'twisties weren't that much I guess, at the time though I thought it was pretty awesome, it was the most I'd done to date. And I enjoyed the ride enormously!

Then we got to our venue for the meeting and lunch.

It was a pretty impressive sight seeing them filling up that car park. I have to admit I hated that gravel in there, backing the bike was proving a big challenge for me, and I'd only gotten about 3 inches back into the park before I talked one of the guys to give me a push the rest of the way .. which he did with a smile.

Cray's bike found a friend .. the same bike in a lovely orange colour scheme.

That's Big Gorilla and his bike .. the other happy chappy with him is known to all and sundry as Happycamper .. always smiling!

After the meeting and lunch we all moseyed back to the camping grounds for the afternoon entertainment ... a dart competition then the special surprise .. dummy spit competition!!

That was fun, no pics of it but I did get one of the boss checking out one of the Queensland members bike.

And that pretty well sums up what the weekend was like .. lots of fun with some good mates.

The next day, Sunday, was to be the mystery ride. Terry and I found our own breakfast with another couple of the guys. while we were eating we checked out the weather forecasts for the next day, when we would be taking off for the next part of our adventure. The forecasts didn't look good for the mountain we were to cross the next day, but the Sunday didn't look too bad. We made a decision to leave that morning.

So we said our goodbyes to everyone and watched them all take off for their great mystery adventure ride. After lining the bikes up properly for another photo.

And even getting the riders to stand still long enough to get a pic too.

We took off not long after them, on our way over Mt Hotham and our first stop for the rest of our holiday .. Lakes Entrance, right at the bottom of Australia. But more of that adventure soon.


  1. What a nice lineup of pretty bikes. Shadow or not... they pretty much look like Harleys, right? (no offense)

    1. It's the tough boy cruiser look I guess Sonja .. yep they do have the same look :) And they have the same ability to be customised to be an individuals bike, I guess that's something I love about cruisers.

  2. I am impressed you managed to get all the bikes and riders lined up for photos.

    Rounding up motorcyclists in these parts is like herding cats, they're everywhere when parking or chatting.

    1. Exactly Brandy!! Even with them lined up, trying to get them all to look at the camera and 'stop talking for just 2 seconds guys please' .. nah that would never happen!

  3. Brenda:

    what a contrast between the first bike photo and the 2nd bike photo where the bikes are all lined up, with their owners too. You must have had something to do with that but why not a dead on one so we can see everyone from the front, from the side view you can't see the ones in the back

    You've got us all excited about your new Ride . . .

    A weekend photographer or Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Actually Bob, I had nothing to do with it, the boss guy put down a peice of tape on the ground that we all had to park nose up to .. then he stood there and directed us as we pulled in nice and orderly like.

      I could have only done a dead on one as a panoramic, which I've only done a few times with this camera, as I had handed my camera to someone else so that I could be in the shot (I'm the 8th person along, the one chatting with the guy next to me) it was just too hard to try to explain how to do it when I wasn't exactly sure myself.

      I agree though, would have been good to get a straight shot.

      Yeah new ride post coming up very soon.

  4. Good stuff Brenda. Isn't Bright a fantastic beautiful little town. I love the place those tree all the way into and out of town is fantastic.
    Good shots of all the bikes lined up.

    1. It's a great place, just wish we'd had a bit more time to ourselves to explore more. Next time.

      All bikes lined up just look spectacular, hard to take a bad shot of them eh :)