Friday, 21 February 2014

Terry's Little Journey

For the last week Terry has had plans to go for a little trip to Gosford. It's a pretty long way to ride in one day, so he planned to stop there overnight, do what he had to do, then come home. Between work and the bizarre rainy weather we've suddenly had he's been forced to put the trip off three times. Then finally yesterday he saw a break in work that coincided with a break in the weather and he took off for the coast.

He came home today just as evening was starting to set in, and he was met at the gate by a very excited puppy and a wife with a camera .. I knew what was coming!!

Yep that's right .. a brand new (to Terry) Shadow! And he's a beauty!!

Doesn't he look at home on his new baby?

It's the start of something new and exciting .. the beginnings of many more journeys.

Oh I guess I should give a few stats .. he's (I've dubbed him a he as he's just so beefy compared to my little baby) a 2007 VTX1300 Honda Shadow. And that's all I really know about him so far 'cept that he's a handsome fellow.


  1. Congrats to Terry on the new ride. Might be more comfy for him on those longer rides. He looks pretty happy.

    A very smart looking bike for a smart looking fellow. :-)

    1. Hi Brandy :)

      He rode it over 400km to get it home .. his reports are, way more comfy, tho he still got a numb bum after an hour or so, the ride is so much smoother! I think he's in love :D

  2. Welcome to the new 'family member'. Looks like Terry is feeling right at home on this steed. Many happy miles and smiles.

    1. Thnaks Sonja, now to see if Terry will name his new baby :)

  3. Brenda:

    I keep thinking to myself " When is Brenda going to go to Gosford ? "

    His new bike looks great, just like it belongs . . . and it's got bags too

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Me? Why would I want to go to Gosford Bob?

      The bags are a bit tired actually and will have to be replaced, but for now I'll hit them with some of the loving care that they seem to have been sadly lacking in their life and see how they come up. At least he can carry some of my luggage on the next trip :D