Wednesday, 5 February 2014

A Little Video Tour of Forster-Tuncurry

Well as promised, even if it is a bit late, here's the video of our ride round Forster-Tuncurry. Have to apologise for some of the quality as the GoPro musta been dirty and the sun reflections are a bit bad at times. Also gotta apologise for the length of the thing, I just seem to have so much trouble cutting it down to a decent size. So it's 15 minutes long and if that's just too much for you I do understand and don't blame you for turning it off or going and doing the washing up instead.

Enjoy :)

I've done two versions. The first one has no music added for the people who cant watch with the music. If you'd like to know what I chose for my riding music it was Crowded House - Pinapple Head, Paul Kelly - Gunnamatta and the John Butler Trio - Peaches and Cream.

The second version has the music to enjoy if you can :)


  1. No music for me… but I enjoyed the ride anyway. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fun!! You had a bit of everything. Twisties in the mountains, watching dolphins by the sea, cool long bridge and some u-turns.

    The sunset shot at the end was the perfect ending too. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Oh and I like to follow hubby throughout he unknown parts too. I figure he is more experienced and can deal with the surprises better.

    1. Thanks Brandy :)

      I have only really started being the leader on these rides recently, and ususally it's with Terry telling me where to go through the sena too. That's why the left right confusion at the start of the ride :D I think he is trying to boost my confidence by telling me to go first all the time lately .. either that or he's just sick of being in front.

  3. Brenda:

    Finally I can comment on your video. It was just too long to view from work and I haven't turned my computer on at home for two days, which is unusual for me. I liked the version with the engine sounds. Boy do you ride fast. either that or you speeded up the action. You seem like a pro when you ride. I can't get used to riding on the wrong side of the road. I don't know how you do it, it would mix me up

    I saw at least a couple of U-turns, you are brave . It's better that you go first so he can make sure you are safe and he will worry about the cars behind. Much better that way. The beginner should always be in front and set the pace. Otherwise you may go faster than your experience level because you think the traffic behind is "pushing" you to exceed your confidence level

    I generally don't like music in my videos due to prior copywrite issues. You could try a narration audio track instead of the scrolling banner. I would love to hear an Aussie accent

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Hi Bob,

      First thanks for thinking I look like I ride like a pro .. but ya know I cut all the really embarrasing things :) Nah there was some speeded up bits there, I would never ride that fast, not just cause of safety but also cause I like to take the time to look at the sights and smells the flowers. But you ride on the wrong side of the road all the time Bob .. i've seen you do it!!

      I'm getting slightly better at the u-turns, thank you :) Yeah I hear what you are saying bout it being better for me to go first, but it also feels uncomfortable to me because I've always had Terry in front of me .. we are creatures of habit aren't we :) I never go faster than my comfort zone even in traffic, I'm pretty sensible that way and yep have been riding bits on my own when Terry has got in front of me in traffic, but for some reason just knowing he's up there waiting for me somewhere, I feel OK with just putting along doing my own thing.

      I know the copyright stuff .. tis annoying at times but I like music. I'd like to try a narration some time .. even though I think I sound like an Aussie version of Bart Simpson when I"m recorded. When the right video comes along I'll give it a try tho :)

  4. Hi Brenda! Thank you for the sweet comment today. I appreciate it. Enjoy the weekend.

    1. You're more than welcome Ally :)

      I'm taking it easy this weekend, twisted my ankle at work earlier in the week and its still too sore and swollen to put into a boot .. next weekend we ride!!