Monday, 11 November 2013

From The Pen Of The White Shadow

Hi! My name is Roxette but my friends call me Roxy. I am a Honda Shadow who happens to have a very sexy white color scheme .. hence the name of this Blog. Yes I am the namesake of The White Shadow Diary. As such I thought it was about time I had my say here.

Now I dont want to sound like I'm whining but I have noticed that the White Shadow has taken a bit of a back seat in Brenda's life lately. Both the bike and the blog. I know she's been a bit busy of late, her work has been hectic with her taking on a new role as a trainer and now they have all this new staff, yes she gets home after work and just flops onto the lounge and immediately falls into a trance in front of the TV. Not to mention the fact that her computer recently started to give up on her, she did get a new one (that's what I'm playing with now .. fun!) but she has hardly turned it on, there's only one folder of photos on it so far .. she's really been slacking!

Brenda and Terry had a wedding that had to be attended last month, I thought for sure they would be taking us, but no .. the black shadow and I were left at home, quietly crying ourselves to sleep in the dark for two days. We both got very dusty! They went all the way to Canberra without us and their pathetic excuse, neither one of us could fit the present on our back racks ... I reckon they shoulda just bought the present down there.

So having raided Brenda's one folder of photos on this new pc I found this ...

That's the lovely couple, Terry's son and new daughter in law. Looks like it was a fun wedding doesn't it. I was feeling very left out when I saw that picture .. then I spotted this!!

There was a scooter there!! And I wasn't even invited and I'm a grown up .. sigh. It looks like the bride actually rode up to the end of the aisle on that scooter ... oh what fun!

I have mentioned to Brenda that the next time she knows a bride that wants to go to her wedding on a bike, I would be a great choice .. I'm all class!

Both of our riders have been promising to take us out for a weekend jaunt for weeks you know. And it still hasn't happened! I don't mind spending time with the black shadow (I wish Terry would give him a name though, the black shadow is such a mouthful) he's good enough company, but he is quiet a lot of the time .. the best fun we have is on the roads, zipping along looking at the scenery with the wind blowing through our chrome. Oh I miss that!

But no, our riders have been too busy or too tired, last weekend they promised us a nice long ride while Terry went to sort out some work stuff. I heard them talking about it, "we'll take the bikes, blow the cobwebs outta them" I heard Terry say that. Nope Friday night their shed blew down in an almighty wind. I heard the bang and it kinda scared me, I thought our house was blowing down and we would be crushed. It was OK, it was only the lawnmowers home. That small catastrophe put a damper on our ride plans though, our riders were busy cleaning up the mess all day Saturday then catching up on Saturdays stuff on Sunday. Yet again us poor bikes were left sitting forlornly in the driveway whimpering softly in loneliness.

Oh it's not all bad, don't get me wrong. Brenda does take good care of us. She noticed that we were both getting very dusty one afternoon last week and got out the hose and bucket and gave us a nice bath. And she does ride me to work when she can .. actually I think it's just when she thinks she can do without her morning coffee, a lot of the time I hear her taking off early in the car with the words "I need my coffee!" on her lips. But at least a couple of days a week I get out with her for the short journey to her work, then I sit outside her work all day and get lots of admiring looks from passersby. I don't mind that :)

We are having fun on our short rides, Brenda's really coming along nicely with her skills lately. It makes it all the more enjoyable that it's the only time we really get together lately, when it does happen, even if it's a short ride it's just so much fun. I've tried to talk her into keeping on going past work a couple of times but Brenda wont do it .. sheesh I don't reckon work would miss her for just one day.

This weekend we are going for a ride! They cant get out of it, they are meeting other riders from SRA and they organised this ride ... they are the leaders so that means no getting out of it guys!! Yay!! So hopefully Brenda will take the camera, I know she is planning to take the GoPro cause I saw her charging it last night, then she will have to post the story. I can make do with the precious time we spend together riding to work for the rest of this week, cause I know that we are getting out onto the highways in just a few short days. I cant wait!!


  1. Hahaha even your bike is having withdrawal symptoms. I think both our bikes are thinking likewise. Mine has become very lonely of late. Will have to remedy that soon.

    1. I know right .. poor Roxy, I wonder if she remembers how to ride a highway ... Actually I wonder if I can remember !

  2. And Roxy, you would have matched that wedding dress perfectly.

    Have a great ride this weekend. We haven't been out much either. Our weather isn't the greatest this fall and other stuff just gets in the way.

    1. Roxy said thanks Brandy :)

      I can live with not riding when its the weather that's stopping me, but when its cause I'm too busy it just makes me yearn for a ride even more. Thanks, we'll have a great ride this weekend I know it !

  3. Dear Roxy, I am sure you would have made a brilliant companion for the bride. But imagine, she would have forgotten all about the wedding and the groom and would have taken you for ride into the sunset. You wouldn't have wanted that to happen, would you? So, please do not begrudge the Vespa. Everything has its time and its place ;-)

    Wishing you a good ride. Keep the rubber side down.

    Rover from the Black Forest, Germany says hi.

    1. Ah Sonja you are so right, and now that I have gotten over my sulks for not being invited to the wedding I have to admit it is a very sexy vespa .. I don't begrudge them at all :)

      Say hi back to Rover for me :D

      Love Roxy xxx

  4. Roxy, My Scarlet is feeling a little like you are now. Alas it is winter here and dark very early and it makes for interesting and sometimes scary rides home in the dark and rainy gloom of winter here. I must admit that I have been taking the car to work as well, but that is more for my comfort. I think it is time for me to next Scarlet down for winter and give her a new tank of gas and some stable. I can hear her calling to me from the garage and she wants to go out and play, but she has a Honda 750 and a vintage Honda CM 250 keeping her company, so at least she is not lonely. I hope Brenda takes you for a nice long adventure soon!

    1. Hi Dar, I think it would be lovely to nest down for the winter in a cosy garage with my friends. And then you can listen to the rain in the roof and dream of long rides in the sunshine :)