Saturday, 27 April 2013

Trying Out Some New Stuff

Thursday was Anzac Day, yet again I thought I really should try to get up early and go to the dawn service, and yet again I couldn't drag my sorry carcass out of bed before 9. So no dawn service this year, hopefully it will happen next year. So Terry and I decided we were going for a ride that day anyway. I had half an idea that we would catch a march in a little town somewhere but really both of us just wanted to ride.

I had a couple of other motives to go riding too, I hadn't been on the bike in a while since my neck started playing up (it's all better now) so I was starting to get a bit antsy. I had my seat modified last week too and I wanted to try that out.

It wasn't a huge modification, I found a bloke in Dubbo who does motorbike seats in his back yard. All I wanted was a bit of foam shaved off the top of the seat and the sides a touch so that I could get my feet more squarely on the ground when I'm moving the bike around to park, especially when I'm backing her. I told him what I wanted and also that I found the seat very comfortable at the moment and I didn't want to lose that. He fixed it up a treat!

When I got on the bike in the morning I immediately noticed the difference. While I'm backing her I still use mostly my toes but I can get more foot on the ground and more leverage to push, which made everything I did that day so much easier. I backed the bike out by myself that morning which is something I have never done without Terry standing by to catch me. I was pretty chuffed with that! Then every time I had to back into a park I found it easier and easier, oh why didn't I do this ages ago! The one thing I did notice was that it effected was my centre of gravity. I felt a little off balance at first and the first round about I went around I kinda jigged around it like I used to when I first started riding, I felt so much closer to the road. But I soon got used to that and my dodgey cornering got smother by the end of the day too. I love the seat as it is, it's still comfy enough for me even though I think I lost about an inch of foam, and the leg position for me while riding is so much better. That's something I didn't think I needed to change but I found that I can now reach the pegs without stretching out so much and that's a whole lot better.

So the first new thing I tested out that day was fantastic!! I was also trying out a bit more with the GoPro mounted in the new position on my highway bar. I love this perspective and got some great shots of Terry.

Another reason for this ride was to see if we could find some Autumn. The competition on the SRA Forums is themed Autumn, I figured I should be able to find some Autumn leaves outback style.

But alas the only shot that had anything like Autumn colours was this one, and it's not as good as I'd like it to be.

We crossed from Mendoran to Gilgandra using a road that neither of us has been on before.

It was a pretty country road, with a few bridges, some bush ...

And even some cows in fields who watched us go past .. I waved :-D

They didn't wave back.

The shots from the GoPro make it look like we were riding into the sun all day, but actually it wasn't that bad, it was about midday. I think it must be because of the low perspective that the sun looks so low to the horizon.

One  more shot that I really like ...

Then the interesting shot ...

I'm calling these the Wobbly Boot shots. I got a bunch of photos like this and think it must have been caused by the vibration of the GoPro, I did notice early in the day that the whole thing vibrates like crazy just while I was sitting idling. I'm not sure why all of the photos didn't turn out like this though.

We got to Gilgandra and were going to go down the main street to check it out but decided not to as it was a public holiday so there wouldn't have been anywhere open to grab lunch and it was too late to try to catch a march. So we headed straight for the truck stop just outside of town to get coffee and sandwiches. We did spot a young girl and her boyfriend fuelling up their very loaded bikes while were there. What's so exciting about that I hear you ask, well the girl was tiny, and they were obviously touring .. her touring bike was .. a posty bike! Sorry I didn't get pics but that loaded 100cc Honda in posty red loaded up with camping gear in a milk crate tied to the back rack just made my day ... what fun she must have had!! We had fun too.

Oh and the other thing I tested out ... contact lenses. I've used them in the past but they started irritating my eyes after about a month of use. After a bit of a chat with my optometrist a few weeks ago he said I should try just using daily ones for when I go riding as my glasses are just a pain under my helmet .. almost literally sometimes. So I tried them and they worked great .. yay. What a wonderful success that day out was.


  1. Oh, I love that wobbly shot! And glad you lowered your position on the bike; feeling stable physically helps one gain confidence.

    "Anzac", "chuffed", etc. -- Language that shows you're in a different country! I often need to look up your words. But I'm willing to make the effort because you're such a "mensch".

    1. Hehe, the first definition I found told me you had called me a human being, then I read on, thanks Ally :)

      I think we have the advantage over you as most of the tv and movies we see are American ... Even 'the nanny' had something to teach :D

      As long as I don't become over confident now, I still have so much to learn and experience ... Tis exciting!

  2. A drunk GoPro, that's what it is. Looks odd, and funny. You are talking about signs of fall, and we are still waiting for signs of spring...

    1. That was exactly my first thought Sonja .. after I'd decided that the bike wasn't drunk :D

      I did tell the warmer weather to make its way over the ocean ... Maybe it got lost. I'm sure it will find it's way there soon. Wait is Europe coming into spring too?

  3. I must admit , havent been to a dawn service for a while also....

    Go the ANZACS!

    1. I'm ashamed to say I've never been to one .. the draw of a nice midweek sleep in is just too hard to pass up for me .. one day!!

      Next year will be a big one being 100 years since WW1

  4. I have lots of those wobbly photos. See if your camera mounting location has lots of vibrations. If so then you may need to move it elsewhere.
    Anzac day was a great break wasnt it?

    1. Yeah it's vibrating like a thing that vibrates a lot. I moved it yesterday onto my handlebars and it is a lot more stable, haven't looked at the photos yet though.

      It was a lovely break, I didn't get quite as lovely scenery as you, but it was still nice to get a ride in some lovely weather.

  5. I too love the wobbly photo - very artsy.

    It is unfortunate you didn't find your fall colors but what a great day for a ride.

    1. It cracked me up when I saw the first wobbly photo, I think it's pretty cool ;)

      Well I do live in semi arid type climate out here so the chances of getting fall colors that close to home were always slim .. just means I have to go for more rides further afeild to find them .. nothing wrong with that!

  6. You can't beat a nice comfy ride... Whatever you do with a motorbike, you got to get the seat feeling right first!!

    1. I'll agree with that, but it's not the reason I did it. My first priority was touching the ground .. and that's fixed. I think I may have to do more for comfort I've ended up with a sore back the day after my last couple of rides :(

  7. Brenda:

    I wished I had a custom seat but last year I used a GEL pad, just draped over the seat and it was much more comfortable. Most times it is just the little things that make life more bearable.

    You seem to be much more confident riding now. Esp when you led that group on those rides.

    The best place to mount your GoPro is on the handlebars because the shocks are being absorbed by your "shocks". The crash bars are mounted on your frame and would feel every bump. I liked your "low angled" shots

    Riding the Wet Coast

    1. Ta Bob, I'm getting more confidence, that's all part of getting experience isn't it.

      I've moved the gopro to the handlebars, but I do like those low angled shots so I'll probably change it round occasionally.

      I talked to my man today and think he's going to reshape the away a bit more for me. I asked about the gel but he doesn't recommend them, not sure why cause he's a bit hard to understand on the phone.

  8. Hi Brenda,

    Some nice shots above.
    You must have been lying on the road to take them LOL..

    Tony T

  9. That POV is great isn't it Tony. But I wasn't risking life and limb to take them, they were taken with the gopro mounted on my highway bar, just above my foot.