Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Nuthin' to See Here

Day off today, the Anzac Day public holiday. I slept in as usual and missed all the excitement, one of these years I will go and look at a dawn service. But I did give the Australian Servicemen a thought and and heartfelt thanks. I used to celebrate Anzac day the traditional young persons' way by going to the RSL and playing two-up and drinking til the wee hours, those days are over and I've grown up now. So I celebrated it the only way I could, I went shopping and rode my bike.

We went to the camping shop to find some luggage that will strap onto the back of the bikes. We didn't get any luggage but I did get to ride the bike round town, into car parks which I hate and parked it a couple of times. I had a few tightish turns to get round the car parks we went into and I did pretty good if I do say so myself. I guess the one thing that I'm really noticing is that I'm feeling more in control of the bike when I'm moving slowly or doing tight manoeuvres. One of the driveways I went into today was like a minefield, and I didn't hit a single pothole yay!!!

So as we were wandering to one of the shops today Terry, (who had followed me in the car, he knows my shopping prowess and reckoned the saddlebags wouldn't be big enough), turned to me and said, "You remember the first time you rode on the road? You were so chuffed that day." Yep I was and I was so wobbly but I loved every minute of it. So I was wondering where he was going with this statement, he often starts saying things and you wonder where it's going, then he told me how much better my riding is, how confident I am now. Wow thanks babe, I need that sometimes, sometimes you don't really notice those things yourself cause it's such a gradual change. But he's right, my riding has changed a lot since those days for the better. We'll see next Thursday, when I go for my licence, if it's good enough. Or if I'm just picking up bad habits.

When we came out of the camping shop I noticed a guy standing beside the baby bike just looking at it. Made me smile, as we walked over he asked what it was and we chatted for a bit. I love that my baby makes people stop and look. It happened a lot today :D And when I left work yesterday I caught one of my workmates standing behind her looking adoringly at her. When I was buying the bike there were three of us who would sit at the computer looking at bikes online, two of us liked the cruiser style bikes but this girl was dead set against them, she wanted a sporty model. Heh I should have taken a photo of that look on her face yesterday! I reckon she'll have a bike by the end of the year :D The only question is whether she'll change her mind and get a cruiser?

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